The Spark Group, Inc. is a privately held Maryland based corporation started in 1997 having core competencies in all aspects of systems software design, development, implementation, management, and consulting. Having clients in the Financial Services, Technology, Health Care and Public Safety industry sectors has given us a broad range of experience applying technology to automate new or existing business processes.

In an effort to give back, The Spark Group, Inc. began an initiative in 2009 to develop a suite of Fire Station Alerting solutions for the Public Safety sector. Our Fast Alerting Systems Technology (FAST) platform delivers a highly customizeable suite of incident alerting features as well as non-emergency features to Fire Departments. This initiative has been very rewarding as our FAST solutions are currently making a difference in many Fire Departments. We are able to deliver these state-of-the-art features at a very low price point giving Fire Departments a cost-effective option that matches or exceeds the sophistication of larger alerting system providers. Visit us at to learn more.

The Spark Group, Inc. understands technology and we understand business and most importantly we understand when, why and how to apply technology to a business or industry. Don't make the mistake of applying the latest and greatest gadget just for technology sake. Don't make the mistake of applying older technology simply because it has a proven track record.
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